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Shroud Pulls Of A 1v5 Clutch In Valorant



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One of the best CS:GO players in North America, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek, is a 27-year-old player who is known for his time with Cloud9 between 2014-2017. Then, he decided to retire from the game.

As Shroud announced his retirement, he wanted to pursue full-time streaming. Even before he started a full-time streaming career, Shroud was also known for his content in Counter-Strike, which they called him as ‘King Of Reddit.’

During the new path of his career, Shroud played a lot of PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege games compared to the other ones and became one of the most-watched streamers in the gaming community.

Right now, Shroud spends lots of time in Valorant, playing or co-streaming the tournaments on his official Twitch account. Recently, he pulled off an amazing play in the game that he also shared it on Twitter.

Shroud was playing on the attacker’s side on Breeze as a Jett, and he became the only member alive in the team when the clock hits the 1.10 mark. At that time, Shroud tried to peek at the enemy but failed to do any damage.

After retreating towards B entrance, he took down both enemy Skye and Reyna back to back with Phantom. Then, he peeked wide to hit an insane flick against Jett. Later on, he managed to do an insane movement to slide towards the enemy Sage who was sitting down behind the B walls.

Shroud managed to take down Sage and planted the spike to the B bombsite when there were only four seconds left in the round, and managed to one-shot the enemy Viper with Jett’s ultimate ability.

Shroud wrote these words while sharing his reaction to the clutch:

“Surely not a 1v5 clutch…”

You can check out the post below.

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