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Shroud Says He Wants To Stream In 1440p But Twitch Doesn’t Support It



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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is a former CS:GO player who started to be known worldwide with his performance in Cloud9. During this period, he was also known as ‘The King Of The Reddit’ due to his insane content in CS:GO.

After retiring from CS:GO, Shroud has become a full-time streamer, and he is considered the best FPS streamer around the world. Not because of his content in the streams, but also his incredible talent and aim in every game he plays such as Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, and more.

Yesterday, Valorant player who is the new teammate of Shroud that will compete in the next event of VCT Masters, Skyler “Relyks” Weaver, shared his opinion about the current bitrate and quality of the Twitch streams.

Later on, Shroud joined the conversation and pointed out that he has been pushing the standards for so long to make his streams better. Also, he mentioned that he wants to stream in 1440p. But, Twitch is now only supporting up to 1080p.

However, Shroud thinks that making a 1440p stream could cause some troubles to lots of viewers in Twitch, and this might be the reason why such a big company as Twitch doesn’t bring that feature.

Relyks wrote:

“The fact that Twitch doesn’t offer adequate bitrate to really take advantage of 1080p+ streams is pretty piss poor for an industry-leading streaming platform. 8k bitrate cap, even for partners, on Twitch in 2021. YouTube even supports 4K60fps streams, with a ~50k bitrate cap IIRC.”

Shroud replied:

“I wanna stream at 1440P so bad. I’ve been pushing for the standard to go up but the sheer volume of users on twitch has gotta be a challenge.

A good argument is also the 64tick vs 128tick in CSGO. Most users struggle to even watch at our current bitrate, so why allow more?”

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