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SK Gaming Announces League Of Legends Roster Changes – Lilipp Joins



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SK Gaming had a decent time during the LEC Spring 2021, which was their one of the best performances for the past few splits, but this didn’t prevent them to make roster changes.

They wanted to be more competitive for the Summer Split, and the organization taught that changing the jungler will be the best option. However, the decision was made too late that they couldn’t find any good junglers to replace Kristian “TynX” Hansen.

Because of that, SK Gaming decided to move their support player Erik “Treatz” Wessén to the jungle role while the head coach of the roster Jesse “Jesiz” Le take care of the support role temporarily.

However, the roster couldn’t play as they think in the first place. Therefore, SK Gaming decided to move Jesiz to his original role and promote their academy player Philipp “Lilipp” Englert to the main roster.

“Hey guys. I am really nervous tbh but I’m confident that I can improve a lot,” Lilipp said about his promotion. “I will try to be the best Support possible for my team. Im really hyped for the german support matchup on Friday.”

Here is the official announcement from SK Gaming:

“Today we would like to inform you that Jesse “Jesiz” Le will be returning to the LEO head coach position with immediate effect. Coming from our SK Prime team, Philipp “Lilipp” Englert will be stepping up and taking over as LEC Support player.

While the prior changes we made had the desired effect of improving the team’s early game playstyle, we have been lacking in other areas of the game by not having Jesse in a role where we can utilize his contributions to the team in the best way possible.

Philipp is already practicing with the team in Berlin and is excited to make his LEC debut. We hope that everyone can support him as much as possible this split, as well as the rest of our roster!”

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