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SK Gaming League Of Legends Player Treatz Wants A Nerf For The Movement Speed Meta



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Erik Wessén, known as “Treatz,” is a 24-year-old Swedish League Of Legends player who has been playing under SK Gaming jersey for over five months. Before that, he was playing for Team SoloMid.

Treatz wanted to share his opinion about the current meta of the League Of Legends and revealed the new changes he wants from the Riot Games by sharing a new post on Twitter.

Treatz mentioned that all the items and runes that provides movement speed such as Phase Rush, Turbo Chemtank, and many more are having a negative affect on the game right now. Also, he wanted Riot Games to design the game around the champion kits instead of the items.

Here is what Treatz said:

“Nerf movementspeed/utility creep in League Of Legends.

Phase rush, Chemtank, Stridebreaker, small movementspeed buffs from items like Ludens etc all have a negative effect on the game right now, would be much better if Riot designed the game around kits rather than items right now.”

You can check out the post below.

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