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SK Gaming’s Blue Is Taking A Rest Due To Health Problems



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Ersin “Blue” Gören is a Belgian League Of Legends player who has been playing for SK Gaming since November 2020. Before that, he started his career in the Turkish scene.

After a year of spending in Fenerbahce Academy, Blue joined the main roster in May 2019 and performed incredibly well during this period. In his first split, TCL Winter 2020, he has become the winners

Unfortunately, the next split went pretty bad for the Fenerbahce even though Blue performed really well in the mid-lane. Following such performances, European team SK Gaming decided to add this young prodigy to their roster.

In his rookie split, Blue had average and sometimes great results in the rift. Although they reached out to the playoffs, their journey cut short by Fnatic. As we were ready to see him in the LEC Summer 2021, the unfortunate news announced by SK Gaming.

SK Gaming took their official Twitter account to share a new post and announced that Blue had chest pains and respiratory issues. Thankfully, it is confirmed by the doctors that it is not COVID-19.

Unfortunately, these problems are keeping Blue performing on the stage. Because of that, the Belgian mid laner won’t be participating in the first week of LEC Summer 2021 for now. Instead, the academy player Mikhail “twohoyrz” Petkov will be standing in for Blue.

“I won’t be playing Week 1 of LEC. Very disappointed to not be competing, my health couldn’t allow me to do it in the best conditions,” Blue said. “Thank you SK for taking care of me but also a massive thank you to everyone for your kind messages, it really helps me a lot during this time.”

Here is the official announcement from SK Gaming:

“A few days ago, Ersin “Blue” Goren was admitted into hospital for chest pains and respiratory issues. After initial scans, doctors confirmed it is not Covid-19 related and concluded that he will make a swift recovery.

However, Ersin will additionally be seeing a pneumologist to make sure that there will be no further issues and that after sufficient rest, he can be back for practice and official LEC matches. We wish Ersin a swift recovery and based on medical advice, anticipate that he will be back for our second game week of the LEC Summer Split.

In the mean time, SK Prime’s mid taller Mihail “twohoyrz” Petkov has been practicing with the team and will be making his LEC debut in Blue’s absence.”

You can check out the post below.

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