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Smooya And Spinx Joins A Trial For c0ntract Gaming’s CS:GO Roster



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Owen “smooya” Butterfield is a 21-year-old British CS:GO player who had played for teams like BIG Clan, Chaos Esports Club, Epsilon eSports, and more. Since March 2020, he has been looking for a team to play.

Today, c0ntract Gaming announced that Smooya and FPL player Lotan “Spinx” Giladi joining to the roster as a stand-in to play at Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 9.

Smooya took to his official Twitter account to show his gratitude to c0ntract for giving him a chance to play official matches, and Spinx stated that he is so happy for this opportunity and hoped that they could perform well in the tournaments.

Here is the official announcement from c0ntract Gaming:

Hey Twitter! Sorry for last week. We’ll be back this Friday for Malta Vibes week 9! Smooya and Spinx will play this tournament with us. See you soon!”

Smooya said:

I will be standing in for c0ntact the next couple of weeks. Excited to get back into official matches with a dedicated team, thank you for the chance NeiL. I will be joining as 2nd AWP alongside the beast Spinx, super pumped to see what we can achieve.”

Spinx wrote:

“I‘m happy for the opportunity I got to trial in c0ntact, Let’s destroy!”

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