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Smooya Is Benched In Movistar Riders Even Though He Was The Best Performer



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Owen Butterfield, known as “Smooya,” is a 21-year-old British CS:GO player who had been playing for Movistar Riders since February 2021. Previously, he had played for teams like BIG Clan, Chaos Esports Club, and more.

In late July, Movistar Riders announced that they benched Lucas “steel” Lopes and parted ways with Kristjan “shokz” Jakobson. After making the announcement, they also decided to bench their top performer player, Smooya, yesterday.

While the organization announced the departure of Smooya from the active roster, they also revealed that they signed David “dav1g” Granado Bermudo, Raúl “DeathZz” Jordán Nieto, and Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia to create a Spanish lineup.

After the announcement, Smooya also took his official Twitter account to share his feelings about the decision and seemed like he understands why the organization decided to make such a change.

Furthermore, Smooya mentioned that he still wants to grind in CS:GO to prove his worth to the scene and stated that he will try to continue his form by playing lots of FPL games. This also means that he won’t be switching Valorant in the meantime.

Smooya on leaving Movistar Riders:

“Good morning Twitter, as you have already seen by the annoucements Movistar have decided to move me to the bench due to their interests being behind a full Spanish roster.

Things I would like to say to Movistar; Firstly thank you to Movistar and every person running behind the scenes who you guys will never hear about, they made my time enjoyable aswell as easy. From the social media people to the players themselves thank you.

Secondly thank you for giving me a chance within the CS scene to still prove my worth, I feel we had some ups and downs but we finished how we started which was back to back wins in some very important events, and in those I wish the best to the new team going forward!”

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