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Smooya Leaves Fnatic As They Pursue IEM Closed Qualifiers



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Owen Butterfield, known as “Smooya,” is a 22-year-old British CS:GO player who has been playing for Movistar Riders since February 2021. In August, the AWP player got benched in the roster.

Two days ago, Fnatic announced that they decided to bench Jack “Jackinho” Ström Mattsson from the squad as they wanted to pursue with a pure AWP player for the future. During this period, they signed Smooya as a stand-in for IEM Winter open qualifiers.

Even though Smooya performed really well at IEM and helped Fnatic to qualify for the Closed Qualifier, it seems like the British AWP player won’t be competing with the squad in the future as he announced via Twitter.

After the matches end, Smooya stated that he won’t be playing with Fnatic for the future and wished them luck for the future. Afterward, Smooya revealed the reason why he won’t be playing with the European organizations even though he puts some great performances on the server.

While Smooya was saying that the agreement between Movistar Riders and Fnatic was made only for the open qualifier, he also mentioned that there were no other reasons behind it. Also, the talented player stated that he is looking forward to getting back into the server once again.

Here’s the official statement from Smooya:

“We advance to the Closed Qualifier! 2-1 vs Galaxy Racer Could have been better but it was a decent first showing, considering we had 0 hours of practise and didn’t get shown a single thing on a server.

Don’t believe I’ll be playing in the closed with the guys so I’ll be wishing them the best from the sidelines!

The deal between Movistar and Fnatic was to allow me to only play the Open qualifier that’s why I won’t be playing in the closed. Nothing else behind it! Hopefully I can get back into the server soon as its my only goal right now. Today was super fun!”

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