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Sony Interactive CEO: “We Will Never Walk Away From Story-Based Games”



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Recently, CNET made an interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan. Ryan said the company will ‘never walk away’ from story-based first-party games.

He said:

“We’ve never had greater success with our own narrative-driven, story-based games than we’re having right now. We feel good about that, and it’s certainly not a genre of gaming we’ll ever walk away from.”

Also, he talked about service games:

“It’s like any category of a game or any category of entertainment. There are good examples and less good examples. When they’re done right, and you look at the engagement statistics for FIFA, for example, the engagement is simply unbelievable.

If you’re going to do this you have to do it really well. It’s a form of entertainment that has to be built incrementally, you can’t sort of plunge in and build one of these live service games and get it right from Day 1. It’s got to be evolved and iterated and it’s not easy. It’s really not easy.”

It seems that Sony will be released more story-driven games in the near future.

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