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Spacestation Gaming Is Leaving The PUBG Scene!



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North America based esport organization Spacestation Gaming has been competing for games like Rainbow Six Siege, Hearthstone, Rocket League and more.

On 15 October, Spacestation Gaming wanted to make a new announcement about their PUBG roster on their official Twitter account and unfortunatly, they will no longer compete in the PUBG scene.

In the post, the North American organization saddened the whole community by saying that their exiting will be effective today and they won’t be participating in NPL. Also, they thanked their players for their work and wished them luck for the future.

Spacestation Gaming:

“Unfortunately, Spacestation Gaming will be exiting PUBG Esports effective today and will no longer be participating in the NPL. We’d like to thank the players @hetror, @BaHaWaKa, @Jsank14, @ValliateKA for representing SSG and wish them the best of luck”

Valliate said:

“Thank you for the opportunity, and thank you everyone for the support. There was viewers that came into @PUBG to support us even with no background on the game at all. That’s when you can tell an org really has a true fan base. Loved being apart of the Station! Thank you all!”

You can read the tweets below.

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