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Spacestation Gaming PUBG Player Jsank Reveals The Feature That Needs To Be Out Of Competitive



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Jonathan Paul Sanker, known as “Jsank” is an American PUBG player who has been representing Spacestation Gaming since April 2019. On 13 October, Jsank said that kill steals needs to be removed from the competitive scene.

Jsank said:

“Remove kill steals from competitive”

Wildcard Gaming player PistolaTime replied:

“I want 0.5 points for a stolen knock. I still like the idea of confirming but I hate how much of an impact it can have. At least its a good way to force nades.”

Jsank replied:

“Yea, there are alot of good ideas for/against it. I think something could be done that wouldn’t be game breaking, but idk, it’s all just speculation. I feel that teams don’t deserve that point if i hit my down 4 times and they hit him at the same time/immediately after and get it”

You can read the conversation below.

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