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Spacestation Gaming Rainbow Six Siege Coach Lycan: “I Told Canadian To Not Make Me Play”



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Justin Woods, known as “Lycan,” is a 33-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege coach who has been working for Spacestation Gaming since March 2018. Last year, he made his team shine during the biggest tournaments.

Lycan spoke in a recent interview with and explained how they ended up with adding their retired player Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski for the Six Invitational after Luke’s visa issues came up.

In the conversation, Luke mentioned that after all the stuff happened about Luke, so they realized that they need Canadian right now. Afterward, Lycan called Canadian to explain the situation and told him that do not make him play for Six Invitational, and that’s how Canadian re-joined the team.

Interviewer asked:

“Canadian is back! How did this come about, with Luke’s passport expiry to his return to play?”

Lycan replied:

“The answer is pretty much in the question itself. It expired during late 2020 and with the pandemic we never left to go do things like get a passport renewed, because we weren’t going anywhere anyways.

Then, SI2020 (February edition) was coming around and we were only allowed 5+1 (players and staff), so Luke wasn’t going to be allowed to go, there continued to be no reason to rush to get it.

Then Troy retired and we realized… we really needed it now. We tried to get it done, but with how slow the government is working right now because of all the precautions and lowered workforce, it just didn’t happen.”

He added:

“I made a call to Troy and told him the story, we shared a decent pause, and then I pleaded to not make him make me play, LMAO!

Troy has made up his mind on competitive for now and doesn’t see that changing but he is a great friend and amazing teammate, and he just couldn’t let this happen to us, especially after everything. A true homie.”

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