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Spacestation Gaming Rainbow Six Siege Player Canadian Is So Impressed By His Team



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One of the most well-known players is Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski is a 23-year-old Canadian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for Spacestation Gaming since September 2019. Before that, he tried his luck with the Evil Geniuses after he left the Continuum.

On 22 December, after they beat the Luminosity Gaming at the Qualifiers of Six Invitationals 2020,Canadian explained why he is so proud of his team.

Canadian said:

“GGs to LG those guys made us fucking fight for it. We are now qualified for Invitational. Joined this team looking to be as nasty as possible come invite and anything else along the way would be a bonus. So proud of the progress we’ve made since I joined. The process continues”

He added:

“Finally going to be going home and spending the holidays with family after a crazy month of bootcamp, OGA, USN, and quals with no days off other than travel days. Incredibly impressed that our team stayed playing in such good form other than maybe a couple days.”

Canadian continued:

“Can’t thank my teammates and coaching staff enough for believing in me and trusting me when a lot of other people were beginning to doubt me. Excited for the path ahead, our potential is endless”

He lastly said:

“This year I have definitely faced more adversity (in game and out) than any other in my career in esports. Thankful for the lessons I have learned from it all to help me grow as a player, teammate, leader, and person. Here’s to getting after it fellas”

Team SoloMid player Merc replied:

“Congrats homie”

You can read the tweets below.

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