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Spacestation Gaming Rainbow Six Siege Player Rampy To Ubisoft: “Stop Using Ranking Statistics For Balancing The Game”



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Nathanial Duvall, known as “Rampy,” is a 22-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under Spacestation Gaming jersey for over two years. In his career, he earned over $250.000 from the events.

Yesterday, Ubisoft launched the new update announcement via their official website and shared some of the ranked statistics as well as revealing the balancing changes following these numbers, such as Melusi nerfs via removing the angle grip from her primary weapon.

However, Rampy seems like didn’t like the way how Ubisoft balancing the games besides their decision of how to buff or nerd an operator. On Twitter, Rampy explained where the Ubisoft is doing wrong about these updates.

In the post, Rampy shared the graphics of win/pick rate of the operators played in ranked. He pointed out the lower win rate of Smoke which he seemed overpicked and weak in the graphics, however, he mentioned that Smoke is one of the greatest operators in the game.

Also, Rampy wanted to give the same example with another operator, Caveira. Because of the fact that Caveira has a high winrate, Ubisoft needs to nerf the Caveira. In fact, she is one of the weakest operators, and that’s why these statistics only leads to wrong decisions.

Here is what Rampy said:

“This is the problem. Smoke is considered ‘overpicked and too weak’ when in reality he is one of the best ops in the game.

Please find a new way of needing or buffing operators because using ranked statistics only leads to bad decisions.”

He added:

“Going off this Cav is too strong, so let’s remove her sights on her primary. There has to be a better way of getting good information on who to nerf or buff. Also nerd operators by their utility not bu scopes for the love of god!”

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