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Spacestation Gaming Rainbow Six Siege Players Share Their Thoughts About Rampy



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Nathanial Duvall, known as “Rampy,” is a 20-year-old American Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing for Spacestation Gaming since June 2018. In his career, he earned over $240.000 from the events that he attended.

Yesterday, after Rampy achieved the second-best player in the world according to, his teammates shared their thoughts about him. Furthermore, you can see what this award means to them.

Spacestation Gaming coach Lycan said:

“Words can’t explain how proud I am of this kid. So many people wrote him off, even some of his teammates, but he kept working and improving. No better way to say “I told you so” then being top 5 in your first full year. RampDawg!!”

Here is what Canadian said:

“I remember about a year ago I started hearing some pros/casters tossing Rampy’s name around as one of the best fraggers of all time. I quickly shut it down saying “he isn’t even close to earning that yet”. Fast forward a year and he completely deserves it now. Congrats Rampy :)”

His teammate Bosco wrote:

“One of the most improved players of the year on top of this. I’ve never seen someone take such big strides in developing as a player and as an individual outside of the game. So well deserved.”

Fultz penned:

“Everyone knows rampdog is the fucking terminator inside the game but he helped me tremendously when I made the switch from a support player on attack to an entry, can’t think of a player that deserves it more”

You can check the tweets below.

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