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Spacestation Gaming Rejoins PUBG Esports Scene By Acquiring Spicy Fish



In the first years of PUBG, the game was refreshing and innovative. However, the esports scene started to suffer after the developers decided to make changes to the game and not to listen to the community.

Because of that, many teams and great organizations such as Cloud9, Ghost Gaming, and many more. Spacestation Gaming also left the esports scene two years ago because of a lack of communication from the PUBG Esports.

After being separated from one of the best battle royale games for two years, Spacestation Gaming announced their return to the PUBG scene by sharing a new post on their official Twitter account.

As the organization shared a special video for this announcement, Spacestation Gaming also revealed that they signed the orgless North American team Spicy Fish, who was the fifth-best team at PUBG Continental Series 4: Americas – North America Group Stage.

Following the announcement, PUBG Esports also welcomed the Spacestation Gaming via Twitter. “Big handshakes all around – welcome to the family Spacestation Gaming,” they said. “See you in the battlegrounds.”

Spacestation Gaming is now:

  • Dylan “Roth” Short
  • Timothy “Uncivil” Ebarb
  • Daniel “Sharpshot” Hernandez
  • Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse

You can check out the post below.

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