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Sprout CS:GO Player faveN Explains How He Felt After k1to And syrsoN Left The Team For BIG Clan



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Josef Baumann, known as “faveN,” is a 20-year-old German CS:GO player who has been representing Sprout for over eleven months. Before that, he was playing for EURONICS Gaming.

In a recent interview with, faveN revealed his feelings about the departure of Nils “k1to” Gruhne and Florian “syrsoN” Rische.

During the conversation, faveN stated that it felt like a punch in the face when he learned they will leave the roster. He said that even though he understands the decision of them, it was a really bad situation for Sprout.

Furthermore, faveN mentioned how they did work hard to get back in the same form and revealed the biggest problem they face in this process, the language barrier. Despite the issue of the communication, faveN thinks that they did a great job in that period of time.

Interviewer asked:

“syrsoN and k1to were key players for Sprout before they joined BIG. What was the rebuilding process like? How big of a hole did they leave in the team?”

faveN replied:

“syrsoN and k1to leaving was like a punch in the face. I can understand their decision, but it was just again a shitty situation for us, we tried our best to rebuild everything. We had a one-week bootcamp with the new guys and worked really hard to get back to the success we had with syrsoN and k1to.

Obviously the process wasn’t that easy, and one reason was the language barrier. Let’s say, one-hour theory in the German team was like two hours with the international team only because of the language barrier. But I think we’ve made some really good progress despite the issue.”

Interviewer asked:

“How did the decision to go down an international route come about? Did the team want to stay as an all-German side or was it your intention to look for players outside of the country?”

faveN said:

“When we learned that syrsoN and k1to would leave, we tried to think of German players, but there was no one at their level at that time, so we instantly knew we needed to go international. We really wanted oskar and he was also ready to join and it was a done deal.

About the rifler, we were testing some players, but the decision to get dycha was pretty clear. Then we kicked oskar and took snatchie into our lineup; at that point it was obvious that we would look for an international guy. It was really fitting that snatchie is from Poland so dycha also can talk Polish sometimes and feel more comfortable. To go full German [again] was never the intention and I think it’s good like it is right now.”

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