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Sprout CS:GO Player Oskar Apologizes From The Fans Because of The Bad Results



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Tomáš Šťastný, known as “Oskar,” is a 28-year-old Czech veteran CS:GO player who has been representing Sprout for over two months. Before that, he had played for Hellraisers and Mousesports.

After they got eliminated from ESL One: Rio 2020 Minor Qualifiers, Oskar stated that he feels so bad and disappointed right now. Also, he apologizes from the fans and said that they will be work hard for the next event.

Here is what Oskar said:

“So disappointed in myself, tried to perform as much I can but I just can’t find the stability. I don’t know, i have the needs to adjust my table and chair and after all, it just feels so weird that i feel like stoned and cant aim, focus or keep my head in the game. #helptheman

Sorry to all fans for not seeing us playing the rio major, gotta keep working for upcoming events.”

Team GamerLegion player Dennis replied:

“It’s all in the head bro, just relax and play.”

A fan user named m3atheadgaming replied:

“Sad to hear that man, but its a new week, so keep your head up and get back into it! Stay Strong!”

You can read his tweet below.

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