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Sprout CS:GO Player Spiidi: “This Was A Really Exhausting Match”



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Timo Richter, known as “Spiidi,” is a 24-year-old German CS:GO player who has been playing for Sprout since December 2017. Before that, he had played for Mousesports and PENTA Esports. In his career, he earned over $120.000 from the events.

On 13th January 2020, after their victory against BIG Clan, he said that he is so glad that they didn’t play the third map and this match was really exhausting.

Here is what Spiidi said:

“won our match against @BIGCLANgg GG WP! Really exhausting match, really happy that we dont need to play 3rd map 😂”

A fan named Joakim Isberg replied:

“Not hard to beat bigclan, they fucking suck. They were only relevant when they abused the jumpbug on inferno. Since then, nothing”

You can check the tweets below.

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