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SPUNJ Shares An Astonishing Advice To Balance A Controversial CS:GO Map



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Vertigo is the map that criticized by almost every single professional player. On 27 June, former CS:GO player SPUNJ shared his idea to change and balance the map.

SPUNJ said:

“So what if we made it so you had to boost up to this position using a team mate? its not a huge change, but it would slow down the T from getting into scaffolding which would allow the CT side more time to setup aggressively on the A ramp”

NRG Esports coach ImAPet replied:

“What they need to do is make the forklift smaller or make the entrance to the forklift area bigger and then the overall entrance between the fork and scaffolding smaller. Also they need to push the spawns for Ts back so they can’t get A but don’t change the T spawns for B a lot”

SPUNJ replied:

“A solution I suggested for the spawn timings before is having the T spawn up the top level. It’s actually in the map I did with lizard”

ImAPet said:

“Interesting idea, if it helps with the timings I’m down for that”


“It slows them going to A, they have to jump down if they want to rush B as well so they lose HP”


“With the timings, the forklift still needs changes, as a CT flanking you have no chance since top of the fork is an impossible fight to win as a flanker. The entrance needs to be fixed as the flank as in higher or the fork needs to be lowered”

You can read the tweets below.

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