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Stanislaw Temporarily Leaves Evil Geniuses, Daps Stands In



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Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz is a 27-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who has been representing Evil Geniuses for over a year. On the other hand, Damian “daps” Steele joined the organization as a coach in June 2021.

Since the online era, Evil Geniuses has been struggling to perform in the tournaments. To return back to the good old days, the organization made roster changes in the past, and also added daps as a coach. Even though most people thought that they will recover in near future, the unfortunate news released by stanislaw.

Yesterday, the veteran player announced on his official Twitter account that he has benched himself due to mental health problems. Instead, daps will be standing in for him during his recovery.

In the announcement, stanislaw mentioned that he is not feeling great about traveling and competing at the same time and that’s why he wants to take a break. As stanislaw said, he is aiming to return in Blast Premier Fall.

“Temporarily standing in till EPL is done, gonna be interesting playing again,” daps shared his thoughts about the decision of their in-game leader. “Wish Peter the best in recuperating for his return for Blast.”

Here is the official announcement from stanislaw:

“After discussions with my teammates and organization, I have decided to removed myself from the starting lineup for the upcoming ESL Pro League Season 14.

Following our team’s long stint in Europe, along with mandatory quarantine requirements due to international travel, I’ve unfortunately not felt the positive impact of the player break as expected. Speaking honestly, I am not mentally ready for more international travel and competition.

Rather than overextending myself both mentally and physically, I plan to spend the next few weeks at home with the full expectation of rejoining my team in Europe in advance of BLAST Premier Fall. During this time I will be watching and cheering for the team as Daps steps into the active roster in my absence.

I appreciate the understanding of my teammates and Evil Geniuses for being accepting of my request for additional time away and thank you to our fans for their continued support. Good luck!”

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