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T1 League Of Legends Player Faker Reveals What He Will Do After The Coronavirus Outbreak



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One of the greatest mid-laners in the League Of Legends history, Lee Sang-hyeok, known as “Faker,” is a 23-year-old South Korean player who has been representing T1 for over six years. In his career, he earned over $1.200.000 from the tournaments.

During the recent interview with Inven Global, Faker revealed what he will do after the coronavirus outbreak ends. Faker stated that he doesn’t like to hang out outside and said that he will be chilling in the house the same as before.

As you might already know, COVID-19, known as coronavirus, is spreading all around the world since January 2020. So far, over 550K cases have confirmed by the authorities and only 120K of them have recovered.

Inven Global asked:

“Once the Coronavirus dies down, what is the one thing that you want to do most?”

Faker replied:

“I’m not the type to go outside a lot, so… I think things will remain pretty much the same as before.”

Inven Global asked:

“Lastly, can you share your resolution with the fans?”

Faker said:

“There are a lot of matches coming up in such a short amount of time, so we’ll make sure to take care of ourselves to perform at the highest level. I hope that everyone stays healthy, and be wary of personal hygiene.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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