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T1’s Faker Is Determined To Win The Worlds Once Again



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After getting their first victory at the opening week of LCK Summer 2021 with T1, Faker spoke in a post-match interview to talk about the current meta of the game, their squad,  his performance, and many more.

In the conversation, Faker admitted that he lacked a lot during the LCK Spring 2021 which they couldn’t even reach to the finals, and Faker said that he has been working so hard to improve those parts.

Furthermore, Faker pointed out that he is working non-stop to win the Worlds once again because it has been quite a long time since he won the League Of Legends World Championship.

This could mean that Faker could dominate the mid lane once again against the whole world, especially after knowing that T1 will make less chances on the roster during the season, which might help Faker to build confidence.

The last time Faker win the League Of Legends World Championship was back in 2016 against Samsung Galaxy, then they faced against them in the next year of Worlds, but couldn’t close out the series.

Here is what Faker said:

“In the spring split, I felt that I lacked a lot. I was quite determined that I’d be improving those parts. Also, it’s been really long since I won Worlds, so I really want to win Worlds again, and I’m working hard to do so.”

Interviewer asked:

“Is it alright to think that today’s best 5 is the summer season’s best 5? Or could there be changes moving forward in the season?”

Faker replied:

“Since we have 10 players on the roster, I think any one of us could start. But I think Daeny said that the roster won’t change as frequently as spring.”

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