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T1’s Gumayusi Talks About His Individual Performance At Worlds



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Lee Min-hyeong, known as “Gumayusi,” is a 19-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing under the T1 jersey for around two years. Previously, he was playing for KeG Seoul.

T1 managed to qualify for the League Of Legends World Championship following a huge performance in the LCK, but their journey didn’t last long in the event as they lost against DAMWON Gaming in the semifinals.

Following their elimination, T1 players and staff spoke in a post-match press conference, and Gumayusi shared his opinion about his individual performance at Worlds and what he learned the most in the event.

In the conversation, Gumayusi pointed out that he hasn’t be able to show his true performance in the tournament and said that he couldn’t only play with his %60. Also, he belives that he has made lots of improvements since the beginning of this year.

Furthermore, the talented ADC player revealed the biggest takeaway he got from the Worlds by saying that spending quality time with his teammates, playing top-class matches, and getting experience on the stage.

Later on, Gumayusi also reflected on his next goal for the upcoming seasons and said that his biggest goal is beating DAMWON Gaming on the big stage, who is considered as the best team in the world right now.

Gumayusi on his experience at worlds:

“I think I was be able to show only about %60 of my full potential. However, compared to the beginning of the spring split, I have made a lot of improvements so I’m proud.

The biggest takeaway from this Worlds spending good quality time with teammates and playing great matches and getting all the experience on the stage together.

And my goal for the next goal or in the future is beating DAMWON KIA on the big stage once again and I also work hard to improve myself.”

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