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T1’s Keria Reflects On The Power Of Syndra Bot Lane



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Ryu Min-seok, known as “Keria,” is an 18-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing under T1 jersey for over eight months. Previously, he was playing for DRX.

After their victory against Keria’s former team DRX in LCK, Keria spoke in a post-match interview with Inven Global and talked about their performance in the match as well as their hopes for the future.

Furthermore, Keria also reflected on DAMWON Gaming KIA’s Syndra bot lane pick against Gen.G Esports and explained why Syndra could be a good choice as an AD carry role sometimes.

In the current meta, flexible champions who could play over two roles are so important for the teams and players because they can hide which champion they will play in the lanes as they can select the counter-picks.

In the conversation, Keria touched upon the fact that Syndra could be a great flex choice for the teams and said that it is her biggest power especially during the champion pick selection phase.

Interviewer asked:

“Early in the night, DWG KIA flexed Syndra into bot lane. What are your impressions of bot lane Syndra?”

Keria replied:

“The biggest merit with bot lane Syndra comes from her being able to be flexed. From what I remember, Gen.G picked Aphelios; I think that the pick was good because she was paired with Trundle support, and the fact that it can lock down Aphelios.”

Later in the conversation, Keria also compared the European bot lanes versus the Korean and Chinese bot lanes and claimed that Asian bot laners are much better compared to the western ones.

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