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T1’s Teddy Reflects On His Relationship With Gumayusi



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Park Jin-seong, known as “Teddy,” is a 23-year-old South Korean League Of Legends player who has been playing for T1 since November 2018. Before that, he was playing for Jin Air Green Wings.

Back in November 2019, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong joined the roster as the new AD carry player along with Teddy, and they have been sharing the spot since then in Korea. For Worlds 2021, T1 brought up both of the players as well.

Before playing in Worlds 2021, Teddy spoke in a recent interview with Inven Global and talked about his relationship with Gumayusi.

Even though most people would thought that there will be a rivalry between these two players, Teddy revealed that they have actually a great relationship with Gumayusi. As Teddy said, they always cheered for each other on the stage.

Furthermore, Teddy pointed out that Gumayusi is a really honest person who expresses his thoughts and opinion pretty easily, and that’s probably the main reason why he can get along with many people.

Teddy talked about his relationship with Gumayusi in the conversation:

“I was subbed out of few games last year too, but I’ve never sat out so many games before. I obviously wanted to start in more, but it wasn’t too disappointing because Gumayusi played very well, and he also cheered for me whenever I played. Competition or not, we kept a great relationship.

Gumayusi is a player who’s always honest. He speaks whatever he feels without overthinking. He is an entertaining streamer, and his feedback is directly on point. I can’t do the same. I tend to get a little emotional whenever I give feedback.”

Later in the conversation, Teddy talked about his expectations in League Of Legends World Championship 2021 and revealed the players he wants to play against while talking about Perkz’ thrash talk.

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