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TaZ Shares His Opinion About The New Coaching Restrictions At CS:GO Major



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Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas is a 35-year-old Polish legendary player who made a name for himself with his performance at between 2014-2018. Since May 2020, he has been playing for HONORIS.

Valve doesn’t have really good relationship with the coaches in Counter-Strike, and the commuınity barely managed to make Valve appreciate the coaches. However, Valve recently made a controversial decision about the coaches.

Coaches used to be the motivational source for the players on stage who would cheer for them and fist-pump the players. Unfortunately, Valve decided to prevent coaches from making any connections between the players at PGL Major Stockholm.

This decision created lots of backlash from the community, but Valve pointed out that there are some teams in the tournament that are abusing the limits of coaches to share tactical information.

Following few days of this decision, the Polish legend TaZ took his official Twitter account to share his thoughts about this new rule and criticized Valve for killing the heart and passion of Counter-Strike.

While watching the game of Astralis, TaZ mentioned that it is heartbreaking to see their coach Danny “zonic” Sørensen sitting behind the players and doing nothing. As TaZ said, the new rule is nothing but painful for the scene.

TaZ shared his opinion about the new coaching rule:

Watching Astralis play I see one main thing missing – zonic exploding behind them, zonic taping the back of the players, cheering them etc. For me importance of some coaches is not only from the knowledge but also from heart. It is simply painful.”

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