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Team Empire Announces Shocking Rainbow Six Siege Roster Changes – Karzheka Leaves!



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Eugene Petrishin, known as “Karzheka,” is a 21-year-old Estonian Rainbow Six Siege player who had been playing for Team Empire since August 2018. In his career, he earned over $150.000 from the tournaments.

Team Empire has made a new announcement about Rainbow Six Siege roster and decided to bench Karzheka from the active roster. Also, they added the 18-year-old former forZe Esports player Dmitry “Always” Mitrahovich to the roster.

Here is what Always said:

“I still don’t fully understand how this happened, but I’m glad that I have the opportunity to play in such a strong roster under the Team Empire tag.”

Esports director of the team, Alexander Solomonov said:

“The latest results of our Rainbow Six team definitely didn’t meet the expectations, both of our fans and the players themselves. We really wanted to go through all problems without replacements, but the circumstances were different.

Some time ago, karzheka asked me to consider the option of transferring him to other teams. In view of the recent results, it was morally difficult for him to continue playing in our team, he wanted to change the situation and try himself in a team with European players.”

He continued:

“Of course, I didn’t want to lose one of the leaders before the start of European League, but it was impossible not to take into account the player’s desire. A number of teams showed interest in him, and I gave Eugene the opportunity to try himself there. Now Eugene is considering proposals and passing test games, but until negotiations on his transfer are completed, he will be listed as a substitution player in Team Empire.

Thus, next season karzheka won’t play for Team Empire, and at European Open Clash he will play for another team as a substitute.

In recent days, management has been busy looking for a new player. Fortunately, we managed to find it quickly enough, since it was already clear from the first test games that we were comfortable playing together. The newcomer of the team is Dmitry “Always” Mitrahovich, who previously played for 43rti and forZe. We have signed a long-term contract with Dmitry and look forward to a successful long-term cooperation.”

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