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Team Empire Rainbow Six Siege Player Dan Says His Deams Have Come True



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18-year-old Russian Rainbow Six Siege player Danila Dontsov, known as “Dan,” has been playing for Team Empire since April 2019. Before that, he was playing for forZe Esports. In his career, he earned around $80.000 from the events.

A few days ago, during the Six Invitational, Dan has swapped the jerseys with Spacestation Gaming player Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski and said that this was one of his dreams.

Here is what Dan wrote:

“Never thought that one day I will swap jersey with a legend @BroCanadian. Thanks for making my dream true❤️”

A fan named Unikronus replied:

“How many jerseys does Canadian bring to every event? I’ve seen him trade with like 4 people now lol”

You can check his tweet below.

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