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Team Empire Rainbow Six Siege Player Karzheka Reveals What Happened In The Season 10



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Eugene “karzheka” Petrishin is one of the greatest players in the game for most of the people. Since August 2018, he has been playing for Team Empire. In his career, he earned over $130.000 from the events.

A few days ago, during the interview with, karzheka revealed what happened in the ESL Pro League Season 10. asked:

“Season 10 of the Pro League did not go well for your team, what happened then, and how has the team rectified the issues?”

karzheka replied:

“I feel like we were just tired of the game, we spent like one month away from home. That was the first time we were not at home for so long, and all we did was play the game and get better, so I guess we just got tired of the game after the Major. Can’t really say if that won’t happen again, we will see in the second Pro League split.” asked:

“Your team has been seemingly back on form so far in the Pro League. How are you ensuring you will be peaking right at the Six Invitational?”

karzheka said:

“I can’t say much, I guess that’s just about motivation. There’s a huge drive from our side to improve on our previous placement and lift the hammer, that’s it.”

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