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Team Empire Rainbow Six Siege Player Karzheka Criticized The Community: “Look At Counter-Strike!”



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21-year-old Estonian Rainbow Six Siege player Eugene Petrishin, known as “karzheka,” has been representing Team Empire for over one and a half years. In his career, he earned over $150.000 from the events that he played.

A few days ago, he replied to Team Reciprocity player Davide “FoxA” Bucci on his official Twitter account and stated that people shouldn’t be complaining about the map pool in Rainbow Six Siege. He mentioned CS:GO for having seven maps in their pool and slammed the community.

Here is what FoxA said:

“Coastline > Border. The coastline is exciting and fast-paced, is it perfect? No, but I’d rather have some Red Bull cracked team jump out on me on that map, instead of getting armory or if you want to spice it up getting triple wall!”

karzheka replied:

“Well i honestly would’ve played the same map pool we had before, don’t understand of rotating the maps when there is no decent map to change smth we already have, and if so i would better have the new version of Oregon, looks insane from the first view, need to test in practice tho”

FoxA wrote:

“I would agree, I always had the idea if they wanted to make maps less stale they bump 7 maps to 9 and add theme park & new Oregon, adding more maps would increase the diversity of them. But then I wonder if that many maps would be too much to handle work load wise for some teams.”

karzheka replied:

“Yeah I disagree with 9 map pool, it’s hard to play 3-4 maps on the highest level, always some of them getting weaker for the time being, and that will decrease overall competition in my opinion, look at cs, for example, they have 7 map pool as well and no one complaining.

Just let 7 map pool being a thing and rotate the maps with every next season IF there’s maps that are decent enough to replace the current ones”

FoxA said:

“I guess you’re right, one difference is in cs people have established the maps and focus on aim where as in our game everyone hates a map they’d rather have it removed or replaced than improve on it”

You can check the tweets below.

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