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Team Envy CS:GO Player Calyx Makes A Statement About NA FPL: “It’s So Sad”



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Buğra Arkın, known as “Calyx,” is a 21-year-old Turkish CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Envy since January 2020. Before that, he had played for Space Soldiers, Dark Passage, and Windigo Gaming.

Calyx shared a new post on his official Twitter account and made a statement about FPL’s current status. Calyx stated that there are no players to play in FPL and this is so sad for the North American scene.

Here is what Calyx said:

“There is no FPL game, why no one is playing it in NA, It’s so sad…”

A fan user named Frequently Fly replied:

“It really is a joke, why are pro players who are signed to play cs wasting time playing the Valorant beta? They must want to lose their skills and jobs.”

You can read the tweet below.

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