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Team Envy Part Ways With mummAy



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Anthony DiPaolo, known as “mummAy,” is a 27-year-old American former CS:GO player who transitioned to VALORANT last year. After few months of his transition, he joined the North American organization, Team Envy.

Team Envy couldn’t have any big tournament winning since their entrance to the VALORANT esports scene, but they have been pretty close to achieving their goals as they were in the top 4 in almost every tournament.

To make the team better, the organization wanted to make roster changes and benched mummAy two months ago. As for his replacement, they signed the talented and experienced player, Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker.

Since then, mummAy had been in an inactive position within Team Envy, but yesterday, Team Envy announced that they parted ways with mummAy and farewelled their long-time player.

“Good luck to the brothers on Envy, wish them nothing but the best,” mummAy also said goodbye to his teammates as he mentioned that he will return back to the competitive scene via Twitter. “I’ll be back very soon.”

Here’s the official announcement from Team Envy:

Today bid farewell to one of the members of our first VALORANT roster, mummAy. From Wall Street to clicking heads, thank you for your time with us, and we wish you the best of luck in your next journey!”

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