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Team Envy Player PAT_KAPS Says There Is A New Meta In PUBG



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Patrick Kaplan, known as “PAT_KAPS” is an American PUBG player who has been playing for Team Envy since 2018. On 30 July, after the new update for PUBG which is nerf to the AR’s and buff to the SMG’s, PAT_KAPS said that new meta is DMR and SMG weapons.

PAT_KAPS said:

“Previously in an attempt to reduce the chances of getting insta-killed, PUBG Corp increased AR recoil and added first shot kick. Now they reduced AR damage while increasing SMG damage and range. So now instead of people using the M416 they are using the Vector. The Vector hasbetter recoil, faster time to kill, a lighter ammo type (more room for nades woo!), easier muzzle to find, and better maneuverability. Whats the downside of SMGs? They suck at longer range, but whats that? DMRs weren’t changed at all?”

He countined:

“The SLR is an auto sniper and the mini is pretty much hit scan. So we went from a meta that was SR/AR or DMR/AR to DMR/Vector.”

You can check his tweets below.

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