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Team Envy PUBG Player Interrogate Reveals His Opinion About The New Changes In The Game



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28-year-old Canadian PUBG player Nick “Interrogate” Raposo has been playing for Team Envy since November 2018. On 24 July, after PUBG released a new update, he shared his opinion about the new patch notes.

Interrogate said:

“Just finished a little grind session of the new @PUBG patch, here at my thoughts:


– Amazing

– Beautiful

– Immersive

– Sexy skins

– Amazing rewards

– Seasons pass is perfect

– So fun

– Art/graphics/skin team keep it up

– Great new terrain and buildings”

Ghost Gaming player Vegas replied:

“I hate the new color change (desaturation)”


“I find the colors make it very easy for me to spot enemies so I’m happy. I dont know what it is but I can see people very easily.”

You can check his tweet below.

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