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Team LDLC Announces CS:GO Roster Changes



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

A few weeks ago, Team LDLC players Engin “MAJ3R” Kupeli and Simon “tabz” Feldt left the team. Later on, they added their 21-year-old benched player Logan Corti, known as “LOGAN,” to the roster.

Later on, 24-year-old player Ali “hAdji” Haïnouss’s signing is announced by the Team LDLC.

Here is what hAdji said:

“Happy to represent such a legendary org. Let’s do some damage boys 🇫🇷🇫🇷🥖🥖”

LDLC player Sixer on LOGAN:

“Welcome my friend !”

Team LDLC needs one more player to complete the roster:

Vincent “Happy” Cervoni Schopenhauer

Christophe “SIXER” Xia

Ali “hAdji” Haïnouss

Logan “LOGAN” Corti

You can check the tweets below.


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