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Team Liquid Announces CS:GO Roster Changes – Moses Leaves



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Jason O’Toole, known as “Moses,” is a 34-year-old American coach, commentator, and former player who had been coaching for Team Liquid since August 2020. Before that, he was casting the top-tier tournaments.

After not getting the results they wanted, Team Liquid has made an official announcement via their Twitter account and stated that they parted ways with Moses. However, they are yet to announce their new coach.

Even though Liquid didn’t give any signs about their new coach, the former coach of the team who made them the best team in 2019, adreN, is reported to be the new coach of the North American organization.

Here is the official announcement from Team Liquid:

“Today we say farewell to Moses. Moses, you were a rock for the team when we most needed it, an amazing communicator with the TLCS fam, and an endless source of energy for the squad.

Thank you for everything you gave to us and continue giving to the CS community.”

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