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Team Liquid Announces An Unexpected Marvel Partnership With A Special Video



Photo Credit: The photo was taken from the social media of the people mentioned in the title. If the photo owner wants us to remove, we will do it immediately.

Team Liquid is established in 2000. North American team has in the top-tier teams for almost every game. For example; Dota2, CS:GO, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege and many more. On 27 June, they announced their new partnership: Marvel.

Team Liquid said:

“We choose to be heroes. Welcome to our strategic partnership with @Marvel, we are collaborating with the entertainment giant to bring together the worlds of heroes and professional gaming #LiquidxMarvel Available now at”

Team Liquid CS:GO player Stewie2k said:

“We partnered with @Marvel! Can’t wait to see what cool shit is going to come! Captain America @nitr0″

Another TeamLiquid CS:GO player nitr0 said:

“This has to be one of the biggest esport partnerships ever, excited to be apart of it.”

Marvel said:

“The players on @TeamLiquid are already heroes to many in the world of competitive gaming. Today we unveil a year long partnership to help them become even more heroic! #LiquidxMarvel #LetsGoLiquid”

You can check the tweets and watch the video from below.

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