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Team Liquid Apex Legends Player Mendo Shares His Opinion About Call Of Duty’s Battle Royale Game



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21-year-old Swedish Apex Legends player Lucas Håkansson, known as “Mendo,” has been representing Team Liquid jersey for over six months. In his career, he earned around $30.000 from the tournaments that he played.

Today, on his official Twitter account, Mendo has shared his opinion about Call Of Duty’s new battle royale game, named Warzone, and stated that thermal sights are too strong.

Here is what Mendo said:

“The 2 biggest improvements Warzone can bring are changing certain building architecture to make sure they aren’t too powerful to camp on, and honestly just remove thermals from loadouts and make them only available on map drops. Or just delete them overall.

Yeah just played a few games, thermals are not okay Had a game where BCJ ended up with 27 kills and I ended up with 8, but I downed a lil over 30 players with headshots alone from a thermal sniper and basically never finished anyone, 8 kills from team wipe bleed outs.”

He added:

“It is beyond overpowered, that on top of rooftops giving a guaranteed safe res after down means you can abuse it like crazy with absolutely 0 risk. I think thermals need to be removed from Warzone, or have their distance limited by a lot to make its main use against smokes.

Also give the kill credit to the person who knocks, not the person who thirsts I would’ve had a near 30-kill game with only sniper today if that was the case PepeHands”

You can check his tweets below.

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