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Team Liquid CS:GO Coach Moses Explains How To Balance The Maps



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Jason O’Toole, known as “Moses,” is a 33-year-old American coach/broadcaster who has been coaching for Team Liquid since August 9, 2020. Before that, he had been casting games for over five years.

Moses took to his official Twitter account to share his opinion about how to balance and rework the maps.

In the post, Moses stated that Valve should change the bombsites instead of changing the whole map, which causes the deal with the players’ meeting point balancing again. He said that changing the boxes, obstacles, etc around the bombsite will enough for balancing the map.

Here is what Moses said:

“All this talk of maps lately so I’ll just repeat my ideal fix:

Instead of changing the maps entirely, change the layout of boxes/obstacles in the bombsites. new execs, new angles, new spots, new ways to attack/defend without headaches of balancing timings across the whole map.”

Chaos Esports Club player Steel replied:

“Yeah I agree, and I think we should also add a 3rd bombsite, call it ‘C’ on certain maps. like nuke ramp should be a bombsite, mirage middle as well. I mean some players fight to their deaths to hold it anyways maybe it’s time…”

You can check out the post below.

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