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Team Liquid CS:GO Coach Moses Reveals The Attractiveness Of Signing FalleN Into The Team



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Jason “Moses” O’Toole is a 34-year-old American former CS:GO caster who has been coaching for Team Liquid since August 2020. On the other hand, Brazilian legend Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo has been playing for the roster since 2021.

Moses spoke in a recent interview with and talked about lots of things in Team Liquid, from the start of his coaching journey to the signing of FalleN.

In the conversation, Moses revealed why it was so attractive to sign FalleN to the team by saying that it wasn’t just about getting an in-game leader and primary AWP player, because he brought so much flexibility into the team.

Here is what Moses said:

“The plan wasn’t always to have FalleN become the in-game leader. I think Stewie reads the game very well and he can be a great in-game leader if he ever chooses to be. The attractiveness of FalleN as a player to pick up wasn’t him just being an AWPer and an in-game leader, it’s just a lot of flexibility.”

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