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Team Liquid CS:GO Player EliGE Gives An Important Information About Mouse Skates



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Jonathan Jablonowski, known as “EliGE,” is a 25-year-old American CS:GO player who has been playing for Team Liquid since March 2015. In his career, he earned around $900.000 from the events that he attended.

EliGE wanted to share his thoughts about the difference between playing with the new mouse skates and the old ones and showed the community why it is important to change your skates frequently.

As EliGE was already changing his mousepads and mouse skates so often, this time he explained why he changes the skates all the time. EliGE mentioned that even though you use the mouse skatez only for a month, the difference between the one-month used skates and the new one is so huge, and it seems like this is the real reason why he changes the skates all the time.

Here is what EliGE said:

“The difference between brand new mouse skates and even skates used after 1 month is insane.”

OG Esports player Valde replied:

“It’s funny… I never cared/noticed the difference between new or used skates. A mouse feels the same to me even after 1-2 years of use. Is it just more smooth or what? :D”

EliGE responded:

“I think there’s more friction from them not being worn down as much so I can make adjustments better. Even after a month or 1.5 months I can feel them having less friction so I swap em out frequently.”

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