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Team Liquid CS:GO Player NAF Admits That They Are Not The Best Team In The World



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Keith Marković, known as “NAF” is a 22-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who has been representing Team Liquid since February 2018. Before that, he had played for teams like OpTic Gaming, Renegades and many more. In his career, he earned over $900.000 from the events that he attended.

On 12 December 2019, during the interview with, NAF said that he knows they are not the best team in the world.

“Let’s start with the campaign at ESL Pro League and especially the one-sided quarter-final series against fnatic, can you tell me about the whole tournament and how it went?”

NAF said:

“We obviously had a tough time getting to Odense, we missed our flight because our ECS final went on too long and that turned our travel day into 24 hours. Once we got there, we lost our luggage, we got to the hotel and only had like 20 minutes to shower, do whatever we needed to do and get ready, and then we put on the same dirty clothes and went to the venue to play North.”

He added:

“Luckily, we started off the tournament really strong and then we went up against Astralis, we started off really strong and we won the first map 16-14. We went into Nuke and I’m not entirely sure what happened. We know that they’re very dominant there, we studied their Nuke a lot and we tried to find ways to play, but our playstyle on Nuke doesn’t really work very well versus them. Astralis in general to us is kind of like how we are versus Na`Vi, especially last year, where it’s almost like kryptonite in playstyles. Even us versus mouz, it tends to be close, but we beat them all the time. It’s just like us versus Astralis, we can’t really do too much versus them. It’s just the way we play the game. But overall, the game was really tough on Nuke and I remember we had a chance on Dust2. I feel like we definitely should have won that BO3 on Dust2, I think we all knew we should have, we kind of just lost to ourselves. We started to feel a little bit of the pressure towards the end because we had always struggled to beat Astralis, everyone was like ‘oh man, it’s coming close, we can do it, we’re right there’ and we fell at the last hurdle. It was really tough.”

NAF continued:

“Going into the bracket stage, we had fnatic. We beat them at ECS, but the games were really close. I think going into the quarter-final fnatic just had a better preparation. When we played them, it didn’t feel like we were playing the previous team we had played at ECS, they came in with a different gameplan. We knew the maps would be the same, Overpass, Inferno, Mirage, which they were, in the exact same order. We went into it thinking we were the better team, so we thought if we would just prep and play our game, it would work, but, unfortunately, that’s not how it worked at all, and fnatic played really well. I know Golden and those guys are really smart, like flusha, and even Brollan, he was playing amazingly at that tournament. I think he’s going to be a superstar next year for sure.”

“Do you think it hurt the confidence that nitr0 was talking about back at ECS, or do you look at it as a result of the travel issues?”

NAF replied:

“I don’t want to come up with excuses, I don’t want to say it’s travel, jet lag, and all that. I’m not going to say that’s an excuse or anything. Our goal when we came back from the player break, we just had such high expectations of ourselves, that we just need to win everything, but I think over time it just went down, where it got to a point where we just need to set a small goal, like making playoffs, and then the next goal would be making finals. Everyone wants to win, we’re all thinking about winning, raising the trophy, but I think we just need to start from scratch again. Before our big tournament run, we always took it step by step: make playoffs, make finals, work on it each time. Each time it was always different for us in finals, we kept learning new things, how to keep our team environment strong and all that.”

NAF added:

“Coming back now, I think we realized that we aren’t really No.1 anymore and we just need to accept that and work harder. If you want to be No.1, you need to work harder than anyone else and that’s what we’ve been trying to do and that’s what we’re going to do in 2020”

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