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Team Liquid CS:GO Player NAF Shares His Opinion About The New NRG Roster: “They Might Become The Top 3 Team In The World”



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Keith Marković, known as “NAF” is a 21-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who had played for teams like Luminosity Gaming, Renegades, Optic Gaming and more. In February 2018, he joined Team Liquid. On 1 September, during the interview with, NAF shared his opinion about the new NRG roster with Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz. asked:

What do you make of the comment that ImAPet made regarding the game against your team, that playing against you in practice a lot kind of killed that idea of you being the super-best team?

NAF said:

“I think I can understand that because I remember when Astralis were number one and we were number two, I’m not entirely sure why but we never scrimmed them. But I feel like maybe it was that Astralis never wanted to play us, we were close to them, we were number two, they did not want to show any tactics or even basic defaults. I think it was not smart of us [laughs] to scrim some NA teams during the bootcamp, but I don’t know. To the original question, I can understand that, for sure.” asked:

“So you lost to NRG, the local NA rival. Do you think they would be able to repeat that?”


“Yeah, I think they are an insane team, their lineup almost reminds me of our OpTic lineup, of course, they already have tarik and stanislaw, but even the roles, Brehze somewhat reminds me of RUSH, Ethan somewhat reminds me of myself, and they have CeRq, who is their mixwell, I guess you can say. So when I see that team it always reminds me of the young OpTic team. They have a lot of correct roles, they all get along very well so I think NRG can be a top team for sure, top 5, top 3.”

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