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Team Liquid CS:GO Player nitr0 Risks His Life To Win ESL Pro League Finals!



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One of the greatest in-game leaders of all time, Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella, is a 24-year-old American CS:GO player who has been representing Team Liquid for over five years. In his career, he earned over $850.000 from the events.

nitr0 has shared a new post on his official Twitter account after the victory at ESL Pro League Finals and revealed the respectful moments from their enemy, Evil Geniuses.

As you might remember, nitr0 had got power outage issues because of the storm during the finals, and he went to his friend to finish the game even though the danger of the coronavirus. In this way, he showed how much he wanted to win this trophy.

On the other hand, Evil Geniuses waited for him to come back to the game and earned huge respect from the community.  After this huge respectful behavior, nitr0 showed his gratitude to the Evil Geniuses organization and the players by sharing a tweet for them.

Here is what nitr0 wrote:

“Thanks ESL and EvilGeniuses for having patience with my power outage issues! Massive respect.”

A fan named David replied:

“Risking your life to play this match just shows how much this game means to you and I respect that and good job on the win.”

Another fan user named Vlad said:

“Risking your life for the chance of winning a trophy is what separates the successful CS:GO player and the unsuccessful CS:GO players… Mad respect nitr0”

You can read his tweet below.

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