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Team Liquid CS:GO Player Twistzz Responds To A Fan: “I Have No Plan To Quit Counter-Strike”



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One of the greatest aimers in the game, Russel David Van Dulken, known as “Twistzz,” is a 20-year-old Canadian CS:GO player who has been representing Team Liquid since April 2017. In his career, he earned around $790.000 from the events.

A few days ago, Twistzz has replied to a fan on Twitter and revealed that he has never thought about quitting the Counter-Strike and it would be so dumb to leave this game with his young age.

Here is what Twistzz said earlier:

“I’ve been trying to find ways to interact with fans more and I think I have some great things planned. Besides a hair tutorial, what would you be interested in?”

A fan named Pa7na replied:

“While I’m really looking forward for the content that’s to come, I can’t but I feel like wanting to strengthen your own brand is something Pros usually do when they think they don’t want/can’t compete anymore. I certainly hope this not the case here!”

Twistzz replied:

“No plans on quitting dude, i’m only 20 and still have many years left, leaving cs would be really dumb. I genuinely want to interact more and turn my fanbase into a community”

Pa7na wrote:

“Good to hear that directly from you, really looking forward to the content!”

You can read his tweets below.

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