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Team Liquid CS:GO Team Is The Best Team In The World Right Now – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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After Team Liquid won against Ence 2-1 at DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019, their spot on has risen up. Astralis, who was before the number 1 in the missed so many bo3 tournaments and this is the biggest issue to losing their spot.

Esport Historian Thorin said:

“Congratulations to @teamliquid, the first North American line-up to ever become the best CS:GO team in the world. Special achievement @NAFFLY @EliGE @Twistzz @nitr0 @Stewie @ThixNation @jokasteve @LiQuiD112

Caster OnFireMoses said:

“Congrats boys. Another trophy, another intel grand slam notch at premier events. Now it’s time to build the first NA era. @Twistzz @NITRO @EliGE @Stewie @NAFFLY @adreN_Hoag @jokasteve

NRG player Tarik:

“Congrats @TeamLiquid! Props to them – looking sharp!”

Ex-Pro/Caster Maniac said:

“Congratulations @TeamLiquid on that #DHMasters Championship! Wasn’t easy, wasn’t pretty, but the job is done. A win is a win, a title is a title! ENCE put up a hell of a fight. Two beautiful teams to watch!”

Team Envy player Android:

“Congrats to @TeamLiquid! Couldn’t take my eyes off the screen always so fun to watch”

CEO of Team Liquid Steve Arhancet said:

“Remember when we were joking around about having the best CSGO team in the world about four years ago? @jokasteve – you and the guys worked so hard and achieved something incredible.”

Team Liquid player Twistzz said:

“Looking forward to the challenge of maintaining the #1 spot. I’m really proud of us, we know how hard we’ve worked for this and now it’s time to work even harder. Nick deserves a lot of credit for his leadership throughout the year so far, he is consistently improving day by day”

Team Liquid player Stewie2k:

“Hit that #1 spot in the world Feels surreal  Milestone completed but now it’s about trying to maintain it for 407 days+. Day by day, Round by round!”

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