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Team Liquid Dota 2 Coach Blitz Explains How It Feels Like To Play Support



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William Lee, known as “Blitz,” is a 29-year-old American Dota 2 coach who has been working for Team Liquid since October 2019. Before that, he was coaching for Planet Odd and Thunderbirds.

A few days ago, Blitz has unveiled how it feels like to play support via his official Twitter account.

Here is what Blitz wrote:

“Playing support and looking at the neutral item shop for whats left is like looking in a fridge that only has old ketchup packets and an onion in it.”

A fan named Hoxie replied:

“This is the best way of describing it lmaoooo”

Another fan named Jake replied:

“And yet you keep opening it up every other hour expecting something new”

You can check his tweet below.

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