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Team Liquid Dota 2 Coach Blitz Explains How They Managed To Beat Team Secret



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William Lee, known as “Blitz,” is a 30-year-old American former Dota 2 player and currently a coach who has been working for Team Liquid since October 2019. Previously, he was coaching for Planet Odd.

Blitz spoke in a recent interview with VPEsports and revealed his opinion about how they ended up beating one of the strongest teams in the scene, Team Secret.

In the conversation, Blitz touched upon the fact that they are a really unique team and explained that it is so hard to prepare against them. Also, Blitz said that even though Team Secret is pretty good individually, their crazy and chaotic gamestyle could have shocked Team Secret.

Interviewer asked:

“Right now, the big raid boss for both CIS and Europe regions is Team Secret. But Liquid managed to take them down twice, so can I ask you what’s the “secret” behind your victories against them?”

Blitz replied:

“I’d say that our team is probably very unique, unlike most teams, when it comes to drafting and playstyle. So it’s probably a little more difficult to prepare for us. I also think that Secret wants as normal of a game as possible and they thrive under those circumstances.

Their team is so individually skilled and it’s built so robustly, they are a super good team, they don’t have a lot of holes, while our team is at times kind of crazy and chaotic and probably that brings up the worst in Secret. “

Interviewer also asked:

“This season Nigma is the team that defeated you the most. What is that something that they do better than Liquid or what is that something that prevents you from winning against them?”

Blitz said:

“I think their drafting is very stable. They also probably have a very good read on us, and If I’m honest, they probably want to beat us very bad, because they are the old Liquid team, right?”

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