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Team Liquid Finally Explains Why They Benched Alphari



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Team Liquid shocked the League Of Legends community by benching one of the best players during the LCS Spring 2021 after losing the first match of the LCS Summer 2021, Barney “Alphari” Morris.

The most interesting part is Team Liquid revealed that this decision wasn’t made in a spur of a moment, even though it felt sudden for most people. But, they didn’t explain why they made such a huge call.

As Alphari getting benched by the organization, Team Liquid decided to promote their academy player Thomas “Jenkins” Tran as his replacement. However, there was no other update made by Liquid until yesterday.

According to the statement, Alphari was benched due to the performance and attitude issues, which started during the practice sessions for the LCS Summer 2021. Also, they mentioned that Alphari has been going through personal issues.

Therefore, Team Liquid decided to give a time off for the top laner until June 27, and they will provide their support during this period. Additionally, Team Liquid hoped that this will be enough time for Alphari to come back.

Here is the official announcement from Team Liquid:

“Jenkins will be playing for week 2 of the #LCS Summer Split and while Alphari is on break until June 27. They both have the full support of the team and coaching staff.

We know there have been a lot of questions so we wanted to shed a little light on the situation. Last week Alphari was benched for performance and attitude issues, which were concerns that started during the practice leading to Summer Split.

Alphari has given us permission to share that these issues revolve around private reasons involving his personal life. In the right mindset, we believe Alphari is one of the best in his role. In hindsight, before competing last week we should have come to a decision for Alphari to take some time off.”

Team Liquid continued:

“After our first game, we were not clear in our communication to Alphari and in our announcement. Since then we have been working with the team, staff and Alphari on a plan moving forward.

Alphari will be taking a break until June 27, during which time we will provide him our full support for what he’s going through personally and to get his motivation back to what it was. We hope after this time Barney will be ready to return to his Spring form and compete.”

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